SOUTHWARD | nach Süden       2018
90 digital photographs (color and b/w)
selection of 38 pictures
and texts

installation view
southward   southward  

Greensboro, Hale County, Alabama, USA. A small town in western Alabama. Dixieland. A county like many others in the surrounding area. Rich in history and culture. However, there is also poverty. Rolling hills. Formerly cotton, today pine trees, cattle, catfish.

Donald Trump has been president for six months now. Hale county didn't vote for him. Here Afro-Americans are the majority. One can guess who voted for whom. The communities stay among themselves. They call it cultural segregation.

It is summer. The humid heat of the South lingers over the land. The camellia blossoms are over. The figs not yet ripe. Fireflies light up at dawn. The crickets' concert provides the sound of the night.


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