code orange*  2003

Code Orange was photographed in Washington DC and New York City in March/April 2003. It addresses questions of enhanced security measures and surveillance. The photographs are documentary but do not try to convey an objective image of the situation. Rather they create an atmosphere of suspicion. Seemingly trivial situations are being charged with meaning. The audience is left in the dark about what is really happening. Techniques of surveillance as are known from the movies are being used. Code Orange addresses issues of the ambivalence of governmental surveillance and control, which is not able to stop crime or terrorist attacks but raises questions of privacy.

* The term Code Orange refers to the US advisory system of terrorist threat. Orange is the indicator for high risk of terrorist attacks, the second highest level on the 5 rank scale. The Department of Homeland Security decides on the applicable threat level according to which measurements of security are being put into effect. Shortly before the start of the war against Iraq in spring 2003 the threat condition was raised to orange.